PoPo Bang: Groped and Fucked by a Highway Patrolman


My first Forced by a Cop Ebook and this won’t be the last.  PoPo Bang: Groped and Fucked by a Highway Patrolman. Get it here on Barnes & Noble.  Want a PDF?  Email me at dickdumoore@gmail.com.  I sell the PDFs for the same price, .99 cents and will take Paypal.

This book is about a young, hot party girl who got caught speeding while intoxicated and gets groped and fucked against her will (but she gets her own) by the arresting officer.

Here is an excerpt:

She felt the cop’s hand in her hair only a second before he yanked her head up off the hood.  “You have the right to remain silent.  Anything you say or do will cause you pain, do you understand, bitch?”


She sobbed.  “Yes.”


He let go of her head, pulled the nightstick away and she felt a hard sting on her ass a second later.  The sound of the stick hitting her ass echoed in the night air.


She bit her lip to keep from complaining.  She was sure he’d hit her again if she made noise.


One hand felt it’s way up her back and around to one breast.  It snuck under her low collar and pulled hard, ripping the fabric and exposing one breast to the night air.  The warm, clammy hand that grabbed her tit twisted it and pinched.


The nightstick resumed its travels up her skirt.  She felt it run from her cunt, up her ass crack, the skirt lifting with it.  He pushed her skirt up to her waist.  She heard him unbutton something, and there was a click.  She turned to see a flash of metal.  He was holding a knife.


She gasped and opened her mouth to protest, but it was too late.  He’d quickly cut a hole in her stockings and panties, a line from the top of the waist to her hot slit.


She felt the baton resume it’s exploration again, this time pushing against her pussy lips.

I’m already writing the follow up to this shit.  This one was fucking awesome to write, but I’ve got a thing for a good baton fuck.


Published by

Dick DuMoore

Writer of dark and terribly inappropriate smut. Find my work at Barnes & Noble and Smashwords or buy from me directly by emailing me at dickdumoore (at) gmail (dot) com

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